2018 All GCL South Track & Field Teams Announced

Photo courtesy @LS_LancerATH on Twitter

Photo courtesy @LS_LancerATH on Twitter

Field Athlete of the Year: Ryan Smith, Moeller

Runner of the Year: Sean Delany, Moeller

Coach of the Year: Jason Crockett, Moeller



Shot Put: Ryan Smith, Moeller

Discus: Ryan Smith, Moeller

Long Jump: John Carr, St. Xavier

High Jump: Cameron Willis, La Salle

Pole Vault: Dillon Vidourek, La Salle

3200-Meter (4x800) Relay: St. Xavier

Tommy Walters, Matthew Hoak, Nick Mills, Peter Dauenhauer

110-Meter Hurdles: Sean Delany, Moeller

100 Meters: Henry Young, St. Xavier

800-Meter (4x200) Relay: St. Xavier

Nic Manfroy, King Hudson, TJ Ahrens, Jackson Scroggins

1600 Meters: Jack Lowry, Moeller

400-Meter (4x100) Relay: St. Xavier

TJ Ahrens, King Hudson, BJ Ferguson, Henry Young

400 Meters: Cameron Willis, La Salle

300-Meter Hurdles: Sean Delany, Moeller

800 Meters: Jack Lowry, Moeller

200 Meters: Charles Sanders, Elder

3200 Meters: Peter Dauenhauer, St. Xavier

1600-METER (4x400) Relay: La Salle

David Williams, Austin Stuckey, Chase Willis, Quinn Ealy



Shot Put: Luke Mastruserio, Elder

Discus: Sean Mesue, St. Xavier

Long Jump: Bryson Merz, Elder

High Jump: Dene White, Moeller

Pole Vault: Josh Vidourek, La Salle

3200-Meter (4x800) Relay: La Salle

David Williams, Joe Marshall, Tyler Williams, Nick Vogt

110-Meter Hurdles: Quinn Ealy, La Salle

100 Meters: RJ Khayo, Moeller

800-Meter (4x200) Relay: La Salle

Devonta Smith, Sam Hildebrand, Orlando Wyatt, Neko Williams

1600 Meters: Ben Bowers, Moeller

400-Meter (4x100) Relay: Moeller

Sean Delany, Eric Wills, Jared Regruth, RJ Khayo

400 Meters: Bailey Dennis, Elder

300-Meter Hurdles: Quinn Ealy, La Salle

800 Meters: David Williams, La Salle

200 Meters: RJ Khayo, Moeller

3200 Meters: Ben Bowers, Moeller

1600-METER (4x400) Relay: St. Xavier

Nic Manfory, Jackson Scroggins, TJ Ahrens, Alex Rudich


NOTE:  The GCL South Track & Field All-League Team is determined by the first- and second-place finishes in each event at the Greater Catholic League Track & Field Championships held May 9-11 at LA Salle High School’s Lancer Stadium.